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News Update: We will be at the Made in America convention October 4-6 in downtown Indianapolis!! See the "Blog" page for more info.

The goal of the Constitution Party of Indiana is to elect candidates to all levels of office who will uphold the Constitution for the United States and the State Constitution of Indiana. We wish to be a voice for those who feel that they have no political voice; those who feel like our elected officials do not represent them.

How will we work to give you a voice in the political process? By emphasizing and enforcing the 10th Amendment. Currently many of the heated arguments which dominate our political lanscape are due to the general government having taken responsibility for issues that are outside the scope of the powers delegated to it by the States, as outlined in the Constitution for the United States as ratified. Two such issues are education and health care.

To start from the beginning, it was the States who formed the general government. In the Constitution for the United States, the States delegated certain powers to the general government. Neither of these powers (education and health care) were among those delegated to the general government, so they fall under the 10th Amendment, which states that those powers not belonging to the general government belong to the States and to the people. This automatically gives you a more powerful voice in the process, since the decisions for education and health care would then be at the state level.

One of the secondary benefits of enforcing the 10th Amendment is that programs will be run with much more effectiveness and efficiency, since you are closer to the decision-makers and can have greater input. With an increase in effectiveness and efficiency, the potential for waste, fraud, and abuse of your tax dollars decreases....if the people hold their elected representatives accountable.

Additionally, each state can decide if certain government programs formerly run at the general level should be continued in their particular state. States can learn from each other as to what programs work best and how to run them for the biggest benefit on behalf of its citizens.

We believe that by governing under the banner of the Constitutions of the general and state government, respectively, we can unite the American people to a common goal. We consider ourselves a centrist party since we see the respective Constitutions (U.S. and Indiana's) as the central position from which to govern, and moving to the left and right of that position not only decreases the voice and influence of our fellow citizens, but it veers further away from the intentions of our Founding Fathers. We are a party which is open to people from all worldviews that are in alignment with the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution for the state of Indiana. Check out the Platform tab for our take on the issues. We'd love for you to join us on this journey to restore constitutional law and common sense to our beloved country.

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