November 23, 2018- VICTORY! Remember the posts below (June 12th and August 24th, respectively)? Well, Jerry R. Jones was elected Greene County Commissioner in North Carolina! This demonstrates that a state party can get on the ballot and win an election in a short amount of time. If it happened in North Carolina, it can be done here!

October 24, 2018- We encourage you to research independent candidates and third party candidates to see which ones are more likely to uphold the Constitution of Indiana than either of the major party candidates.

September 8, 2018- A successful launch to the Class on the Constitution in Greenwood this morning. Extra chairs were used to accomodate the attendees. Please tell your friends in Johnson County and Marion County about the class. The next session is Saturday October 13th.

August 24, 2018- The North Carolina legislature passed an ex post facto law to keep three of our candidates off the ballot. The party in North Carolina sued and won the lawsuit. Ten candidates representing the Constitution Party will be on the ballot. Please tell your friends and family members in N.C.

August 6, 2018- Hats off to Nick Frecker for facilitating a successful Class on the Constitution in Zionsville. The class met the first Saturday of the month from February through August. Attendance was very good each month except July, most likely due to vacations. Please join us at the next class in Greenwood starting Sept 8th. The class is a book study on Brion McClanahan's The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution. Dr. McClanahan has written several books and has a podcast as well. Your knowledge of the Constitution will grow immensely by taking this class. Please reserve your spot by calling or texting Mike Laurenzano at 317-201-5889, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Spots for the first class must be reserved by September 2nd.

July 14, 2018- Victory in New Mexico!! The N.M. Constitution Party turned in just over 4,000 signatures on June 28th. 2,565 were needed. The N.M. Secretary of State verified that the party has enough valid signatures, so we will be on the ballot in 2018 and 2020 in N.M.! That makes three states that the party has gained ballot access in 2018, with Hawaii and North Carolina being the other two. We already have ballot access in a number of other states.

June 23, 2018- We are excited that the Constitution Party of North Carolina recently completed a successful ballot access petition drive, gathering over 12,500 signatures. Their validity rate (the percent of valid signatures) of around 81% was very high. In recent years the number of signatures needed in that state was around 92,000. The general assemly there changed the law to make it just under 12,000. The party in N.C. then nominated 10 candidates at their state convention after being declared an official state party. We in Indiana are continuing to work to pass a law improving ballot access here to make it fair and equal, as called for in Article 2, Section 1 of the Indiana Constitution.


June 5, 2018- Thank you to an anonymous donor who donated $1,000 in appreciation of Felipe Rios and his efforts to run as a candidate and to spread the message of constitutional government. We will be the best stewards of the money that we can as we are pursuing various marketing avenues to raise awareness of our party. 

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